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Interesting Links

The Cattle Shop
(Great site for cattle handling & grooming equipment.)

Bolton's Hoof Trimming
(Hoof trimming by an expert, on tilt tables.)

            Foot Trimming Demonstration
(On a Highland on YouTube - from our first field day in 2011)

Greenhalgh Tannery
(The only tannery in Victoria who will tan Highland hides.)

Nationwide Artificial Breeders  
(Will AI anywhere in Victoria, semen collection and fertility testing of bulls.)





















2014 National Highland Show Sponsors

Ian Whinfield (Serpentine, Vic)

Bronwyn Stewart (Flinders, Vic)

Erica Smith (Nar Nar Goon North, Vic)

Brian, Heather & Wayne Cross (Smeaton, Vic)

John & Julie Cummings(Bendemeer,NSW)

Beverley Smith (Mt Egerton, Vic)

Mercedes-Benz, Ballarat, Vic

Drew Pickford - Nationwide Artificial Breeders

David Bolton - Boltons Hoof Trimming

Steve Huppatz (Riddells Creek, Vic)

Darryl Holder - The Cattle Shop

Abi Harrington Photographics

Virbac Animal Health

Mayfield Highlands
Julia & Kerry Webster (Bungaree, Vic)

Claremont Highlands
Sue and Jeff Boland (Clunes, Vic)

Glen Rose Highlands
Rosemary D'Agostino (Byabarra, NSW)

Masters, Sunbury

Bunnings, Sunbury

Stoneyview Highlands
Doug & Marg Phillips (Scarsdale, Vic)

The Hay Market, Ballarat